2023 – CB EXPO Dortmund

In September 2023, we had the extraordinary opportunity to participate in one of the most important cannabis industry events in Europe – the Cannabis Business Expo and Conference (CB EXPO) at the Dortmund Congress Center. This was the third edition of this prestigious event, which took place simultaneously with InterTabac (Messe Dortmund).

Our hemp cigarettes, the first in Poland subject to excise duty, gave us the opportunity to trade legally, which was a real breakthrough. The atmosphere at the fair was extremely inspiring. CB EXPO attracted not only cannabis enthusiasts, but also leading speakers who discussed current topics relevant to the industry and shared their knowledge during master classes.

The fair was full of positive energy, enthusiasm and interesting discussions. Visitors had the opportunity to learn about a variety of cannabis products, brands and services, and we had the pleasure of meeting many interested in our hemp cigarettes. Questions, conversations and interest in our products made our presence at the fair extremely successful.

CB EXPO is not only a place for presentations, but also an excellent opportunity to build relationships and establish contacts with an international audience. This event showed that the cannabis industry is still developing and has a lot to offer. We are excited about the prospect of further editions of this unique event, which will certainly contribute to the further development of our brand and the entire hemp industry.