Super Skunk

Here are our pre-rolls made from Super Skunk hemp buds – the true “muscle car” of cannabis experiences. Inside the package, you’ll find 1 gram of pure buds, ready for an exceptional journey.

Super Skunk is a legend, hailing from the era when automotive mechanics and the masculine world of pleasure were united by exceptional quality. This hemp bud is like a classic car from the ’90s – unique, memorable, and full of masculine charm.

Let’s visit the workshop where grease and oil meet taste and aroma. The quality of Super Skunk attracts a loyal following of connoisseurs who recognize this bud by its characteristic gasoline scent. This strain has been a top bestseller for many years, and that’s no coincidence.

Ready for a unique experience that will transport you to a masculine world of pleasure? Choose Super Skunk and discover the extraordinary flavors and aromas that will immediately captivate you.

The product is sourced from selected, certified, organic hemp fiber crops listed in the EU, composed of 100% female Cannabis Sativa L. flowers.

(country of origin – Poland)

CBD content: < 3%
THC content: < 0.2%
Package contains 1 piece
Weight: 1g CBD buds

The buds are free from psychoactive effects.
This legal product is suitable for daily use.
It is an ideal alternative for non-smokers or those looking to quit smoking.

Free from tobacco, nicotine, dyes, sugar, GMOs, iodine, casein, preservatives, lactose, alcohol, and gluten. Protect from light. Pure (no additives), organic agriculture product, vegan, vegetarian.