Discoveries of Hungarian scientists – benefits of smoking hemp cigarettes

The latest research conducted by Swiss scientists, published in Scientific Reports, sheds new light on the benefits of smoking hemp cigarettes low in THC and rich in cannabidiol (CBD). In Switzerland, where strict regulations regulate THC content in hemp products, this research provides significant evidence of the positive aspects of using hemp products.

Researchers carefully analyzed 531 cannabis samples and established classification thresholds that can distinguish THC-rich products from those rich in CBD. Additionally, they have introduced an innovative on-site testing kit that is a quick alternative to labor-intensive laboratory techniques, contributing to even more effective differentiation of hemp products.

However, the most important finding of this study is that despite the low THC content of the cannabis cigarettes tested, all urine samples tested negative in three immunochemical tests detecting cannabis use. This is crucial for monitoring abstinence and safe use of CBD products.

However, it is important to remember that the trace amounts of THC present in CBD cannabis can affect THC levels in your blood, which could make you legally unable to drive. This is an important finding that highlights the need to use cannabis products carefully, especially before driving.

The entire Scientific Reports article provides in-depth information on this topic and is indispensable for those who want to understand the effects of smoking hemp cigarettes. Please read the full article to better understand the benefits and limitations of these products.